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Home Insurance

In every home, we make every effort to keep things in tip-top condition by decorating the interiors and making sure that everything is clean and tidy. We want our loved ones to feel protected and at home – after all, this is their safe haven. However, unexpected events may happen such as fire damage or theft.

Protect your family from damages and loss caused by various uncontrollable and/or unforeseen circumstances.

From coverage that insures you against damage or loss by accidental fires to making sure your personal effects are protected, we give you and your loved ones the opportunity to be prepared against any possible financial emergencies or home damages.

We offer the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the home including fixtures, fittings, renovation, household contents
  • Worldwide Personal Liability including liability arising from use of non-motorised bicycle/scooter,
  • Accidental death of Pedigree Pets

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