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Marine Hull

As one of the Top 5 Marine Hull insurers in Singapore, we are worldwide renowned underwriters of Marine Hull businesses.

We offer coverage for Marine Hull businesses from end-to-end, ensuring full and proper coverage for your interests. Our insurance coverage extends to various types of ships, and we specialize in blue-water fleets.

Hull & Machinery

  • We provide coverage for physical loss or damage to the hull and machinery of the ship
  • We are also able to make customised quotes for your specific requirements

Increased Value/Disbursement

  • We provide coverage of expenses for fitting out and running of the vessel
  • In most cases, expenses get covered up to 25% of Hull & Machinery value in cases of total loss

War Risks

  • Coupled with Hull & Machinery insurance, War Risks insurance provides coverage for physical loss or damage to your vessel in times of war and strikes

Mortgagees Interest

  • In situations where Mortgagees are owed outstanding monies in the event of non-payment of claim, we act in the Mortgagee’s interest in the event of the breach of warranty by operators of the vessel
  • We cover the loss incurred by the non-payment of the claim, where Mortgagees are under a Hull & Machinery and/or Increased Value Policy

Builder’s Risks

  • We provide coverage to a vessel built from keel-laying to its final launch, giving peace of mind to vessel operators as we insure them against unintended risks such as fire, tidal wave, failure in launch, collision, sinking on trial trip etc.



Our range of Marine Cargo policies are specially tailored to ensure protection for goods in transit across land, air, and sea.

We provide warehouse-to-warehouse coverage for goods in transit on a worldwide basis, protecting you against a wide variety of risks commonly faced in the Marine Cargo industry, including war and terrorism risks.

If you have specific requirements that require a bespoke solution, we can customise a tailored plan of coverage for you.

With our network of worldwide claim settling agents, experience ease in processing claims in the event of damaged cargo.

Marine Cargo Open Cover

  • Our Marine Cargo Open Cover caters to clients who regularly make shipments around the year, saving you the hassle on purchasing separate insurances for every shipment you make.
  • All shipments are covered under pre-agreed terms and conditions.
  • It is important to note that you must declare all shipments to us falling within the terms of agreement.

Project Cargo and Delay Start Up Cover

  • Industrial complexes and large power plants may wish to take on Project Cargo and Delay Start Up Cover during their establishment stages.
  • Movement of heavy equipment and large, costly machinery to their project sites may involve damage or loss to critical machinery, and subsequent repair and replacement causes unnecessary delay and financial loss.
  • Our Project Cargo and Delay Start Up Cover provides complete peace of mind against unforeseen calamities that cause your project to be delayed

Single Voyage Marine Cargo

  • We provide coverage for goods in transit between two or more places, with responsibility to take insurance depending on the terms of sale for your cargo.
  • Our Single Voyage Marine Cargo cover insures goods the moment they leave the warehouse, continues throughout the ordinary course of transit including incidental storage, and ends upon delivery to agreed final destination/warehouse

Stock Throughput Policy

  • Our Stock Throughput Policy seamlessly covers all transit of goods and incidental storage at various stages of manufacturing of a product or range of products.
  • The turnover of your manufacturing unit forms the basis for sum insured.


Oil & Energy

Oil & Energy Risk (Upstream)

  • Upstream oil and energy operations involve various risks in drilling, including the following:
    • Construction
    • Development and Operations of oil wells
  • We provide coverage for oil platforms, rigs, single point moorings, FPSOs and associated pipelines and assemblies.


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