Motor insurance is compulsory by law in Singapore. Such motor insurance must cover a motorist’s legal liability for third party claims for bodily injury(s) and consequentail losses arsing from such injury(s) (ACT policy). Having motor insurance gives the protection against financial damages and/or losses from the use of motor vehicles.

There are many Motor policies which provide different types of coverage. Of the many types of Motor policies, the common ones that we offer are

Comprehensive coverage or First Party

This provides cover for damages to your own vehicle as well as damages to TP vehicles/and or property and legal liabilities to all third party involved arising from any accident.

Third Party coverage

This policy covers only your legal liability to a third party claims for bodily injury, death and damage to third party vehicles/property, while using your vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft coverage

This provides cover damages to your vehicle arising out of Fire or Theft of your vehicle

Cover is also provided for your legal liability for the damage you may cause to a third party vehicle - bodily injury, death and damage to third party property - while using your vehicle.

Anyone who has a valid Driving license and owns a Motor vehicle is eligible to get a Motor Insurance Cover.

Companies (such as rental companies, tour bus operators, courier services companies, or companies who provide transport for their employees) whose business involve managing fleets of Commercial vehicles or Private vehicles are eligible to obtain a Motor Fleet Insurance with us.

For Comprehensive policies, the Market Value of your vehicle will be the basis of settlement at time of loss.

For third party claims arising from death or bodily injury (for any one claim or series of claims arising out of one event), the sum insured is unlimited.

For third party claims giving rise to a property damage claim, our standard sum insured is $5,000,000.

Depending on the different policies, the exclusions will differ. While exclusions differ from one policy to another, there are exclusions that apply to all our policies. Examples of such Major exclusions are:

Deliberate accidental loss

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other intoxicating substance

Driving with an invalid driving license

Untruthful reporting of the accident

Illegal and/or unauthorized usage and/or any modification of the insured vehicle – not approved by LTA

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