Hiring a maid makes you liable for a security bond of SGD 5000 as per Employment of Foreign Manpower (Work Passes) regulations in Singapore. It is a binding pledge to pay the government if either you or your helper breaks the law or Work Permit conditions. Additionally you become responsible for the health and safety of the maid therefore, applying for maid bond insurance provides protection to both you and your helper.

Coverages of the policy mentioned as below:

Death/Permanent Disability

Outpatient medical expense

Treatment by Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner (TCM)

Treatment for Dengue fever

Hospital & Surgical Expenses (Maid’s Health Insurance)

Wages and levy reimbursement

Alternative Domestic Health benefit

Repatriation expense

Termination / Re-Hiring Expenses

Maid's Personal Belongings

Domestic Maid Liability

Bereavement Expenses

Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guarantee to MOM

Insurance Bond to Philippines Embassy

Resident of Singapore.

Holds NRIC or FIN.

Employs helper/maid.

A copy of the in principle approval letter/Renewal letter from the Work Permit Department of MOM.

Copy of the first page of the passport of the Foreign Domestic maid showing the name, passport no. and photograph.

Copy of NRIC (both sides) of the employer.

(If required additional documents may be asked for)

There are some minimum limits defined by MOM. We have the following plans for you

Cover Standard Enhanced
Insurance Guarantee to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) SGD 5,000
Accidental Death or Permanent Disablement SGD 60,000 SGD 60,000
Outpatient Medical Expenses SGD 1,250 SGD 2,500
(i) Treatment by TCM SGD 150 SGD 300
(ii) Treatment for Dengue Fever SGD 150 SGD 300
Hospital and Surgical Expenses (max per year) SGD 15,000 SGD 20,000
Wages and Levy reimbursement (Upto SGD per day max for 60 days) SGD 30 SGD 50
Alternative Domestic Help Benefit (Upto SGD per day max for 60 days) SGD 30 SGD 50
Repatriation Expenses (Upto SGD) SGD 10,000
Termination / Re - Hiring Expenses SGD 250
Maid's Personal Belongings (Upto SGD) SGD 250
Domestic Maid Liability SGD 5,000
Bereavement Expenses SGD 2,000
Waiver of Counter Indemnity for Insurance Guarantee to MOM Optional
Insurance Bond to Philippines Embassy Optional

Any breach of your helper’s work permit or work permit conditions as provided for by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower.

Willful participation by you, your family, or your helper in any act that is reckless or illegal.

You, your family, or your helper, not taking all reasonable precautions to safeguard her or herself against any illness or injury, or others against any injury.

Mental, psychological or psychiatric disorders.

Any suicide, attempted suicide or any self-inflicted injury by your helper, or any attempt by your helper to cause self-inflicted injury.

Pregnancy, infertility, contraception, sterilization, sexual dysfunction, miscarriage, menopause, childbirth, abortion or any complications arising from these conditions, suffered by your helper.

Intoxication by alcohol or drugs that are not prescribed by a medical practitioner. Consequences of war, riot, revolution, or any similar event.

Sexually transmitted infections, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or any HIV-related illness including acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or any mutant derivatives or variations of this no matter how they are caused.

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