Our territorial focus is within Singapore and Asia, working on managing and mitigating risks with you.

With the ever-changing prospects of the business world, it is important to stay updated with the constantly evolving risks and challenges that businesses face today; our versatile range of products help you to stay on top.

We cover for liabilities that arise from your business operations or premises to third parties.

We cover for liabilities such as property damages or bodily injury that arise from your products or work performed.

We protect against liability that arises from workplace accidents or diseases contracted by employees. Our major industries of focus are shipyards, ports, chemical plants, energy and manufacturing sectors.

We protect against liabilities arising from third parties claiming negligence for professionals or businesses that provide advice/services.

We are focused on financial, legal and technical sectors, and especially experienced with dealing with Project Principal Investigators (Engineers).

We cover for liability arising out of managerial and supervisory duties, protecting the personal assets of a company’s directors and officers.

Our Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance protects the company’s assets by providing reimbursement to the organization when the Director(s) and Officer(s) are indemnified for its losses.

Entity Coverage (i.e. protection for the organization) is also available for the company’s own liability arising out of Securities claims and Employment Practices Liability claims.

We cover liability arising from handling of customer’s cargo, as companies adopting freight forwarding and logistics solutions employ risk management in their business operations.

With some businesses operating differently from others, we provide customised solutions to help your business take on challenges that are unique to your requirements.