About us

Green Initiative

Although environmental change is beyond our direct control but we truly believe, many cost of environmental change could be avoided by taking action today (mitigation). While the insurance industry continues to identify ways it can respond to the challenge of global Environmental change, we are thinking green while rethinking our products, operations and practises. We relook at our social and environmental impact and invest upfront in corporate sustainability.

Our initiatives

Integrated multiple software systems to ensure accessibility and security, ensuring our network infrastructure can handle the storing and sharing of files by a large volume of people.

Technology-driven operations functions and Paper-less processes. Claims settlement process is initiated on digital platform. We are creating and keeping digital records for filing and sharing purposes.

Continuous staff training on new technologies and processes.

Partnering with sustainable industry partners and suppliers for our requirements. We partner with selected workshops for out motor insurance products, to offer services that are aligned with eco-friendly practises.

Internal guidelines to decrease total resource consumption by reducing waste of electricity and water, enabled sleep mode & power savers for computers, printers default set to 2- sided printing and prints only when necessary, encouraged use of re-usable items and recycling.

Green is the
way to go.