The flexibility in our Construction or Erection All Risk Insurance as a Blanket Insurance Scheme covers Principals (project owners) against damages and liability arising from works carried out by its appointed contractors/service providers.

The works that are covered include major infrastructure and property projects.

Within a construction or engineering setting, equipment that keeps your daily operations running are expensive and costly to maintain. As such, replacement or repair may be an expensive affair.

With Contractor Plant and Machinery Insurance, we protect you against loss, theft or damage of your factory’s equipment. Machines such as tower cranes or excavators are included in the cover, and factors such as cost of replacement, incidentals such as freight, erection, and taxes are considered within this product.

Within our scope of engineering products, we offer Machinery Breakdown Insurance to cover the costs of repair or replacement of equipment that breaks down.

This is essential for businesses of all sizes to protect against interruption of business operations, which poses a risk of loss in revenue for your business.