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Insurance claims are formal requests asking for payment due to unfortunate incidents, covered by your purchased package and adhering to the policies listed by the insurance company.

The usual dilemma that clients face is the long waiting period that they have to endure, before their claims are addressed. With III, claims are processed round-the-clock, ensuring a smooth-sailing and reliable process that clients can trust.

We assure clients a hassle-free process when making claims with our handlers.

We understand that in times of duress, claims making should be an easy affair, especially when you are involved in a motor accident. At India International Insurance, we work hard to process your claims with the quickest turnaround time possible. Our advantageous position from operating within a single office allows us to cut through any hassle to give you a fuss-free experience in making a motor claim.





  1. Exchange particulars of involved parties including

    a. Name b. NRIC/FIN c. Telephone Number d. Address e. Insurer

  2. Take note of vehicle numbers and take digital photographs of your accident vehicle. These can be included in the e-filing of accident reports at a later stage
  3. Call for a tow truck or call us for further advice on the accident
  4. Report and bring your accident vehicle (regardless of the extent of damage) to the approved reporting centre/authorised workshop within 24 hours or by the next working day
  5. Avoid unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair workshops
  6. Lodge a Police Report if the accident involves

    a. Injury/death b. Foreign vehicle(s) c. Government vehicles or government property d. Loss/damage to insured vehicle due to theft or fire e. the accident took place on Malaysian roads

    A copy of the police report should be submitted at the time of e-filing of accident reports.

  7. Windscreen Damage: E-filing accident reports is not necessary if the damage is limited to the windscreen and no other vehicle is involved. Simply click to download our Damage To Windscreen Claim Formand submit the duly completed form to us with an estimate for replacement of windscreen from a workshop of your choice.
  8. Fire & Theft Claims: If the vehicle is insured on Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft terms, please report to the Police and submit a copy of the Police Report with other supporting documents to our office.
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