Property & Casualty

Any incident that happens under the purview of a business or organisation that falls within Property & Casualty needs to be treated with immediacy and urgency. Immediate notification helps to eliminate any possible hassle and problems that might arise if the incident is not treated properly.

Report incident to intermediary, if any or submit claim details/notification via email to the Property & Casualty Department to report loss/incident. On receipt of your notification, our claim handler will acknowledge and contact you via email or phone call.

Complete and submit Claim Form (PDF copies are available from our website) together with supporting documents to our Property & Casualty Claims Department or through intermediary.

Our claim handlers will review and assess the claim. If necessary, our claim handler will contact you for further supporting documents. An adjuster/surveyor may be appointed to carry out the investigation.

On receipt of complete claim details\documents, and after establishing that the loss is covered under the terms and conditions of the policy, we will make payment/settlement to you.

Notify us immediately after discovery of an incident which may give rise to a claim under the policy. For claim by third party you are advised not to discuss or admit liability, but to forward the claimant’s notification or claims to us for appropriate action.

Notify the Police if there is evidence of criminal or malicious acts involved.

Take reasonable measure to mitigate the loss.

Submit the completed Claim Form together with the following documents:

  • Incident Report
  • Police Report (if applicable)
  • Photographs of damaged property and location of incident
  • CCTV footage at scene of incident, if available
  • Assessment report from repairer on the cause and extent of property damage
  • Competitive repair/replacement quotations
  • Purchase invoice/receipt of damaged property
  • Third party claimant’s letter of claim intent/Writ of Summons, if any

In the event of a Work Injury Compensation Claim, please follow the guidelines for the employer below:

  • The injured employee is required to notify his employer immediately of a work-related accident as soon as possible. The employer is required to notify us within 10 days from the time having knowledge or awareness of the incident which may give rise to a claim under the policy.
  • Print the Work Injury Compensation Claim form from our website and submit the completed claim form together with the required supporting documents listed below (not exhaustive). Additional documents may be requested if necessary:
    • Copy of the iReport submitted to the Ministry of Manpower (if the accident results in more than 3 days MC/hospitalization for more than 24 hours, or death)
    • A copy of the Work Permit/Employment Pass for foreign employees
    • Original medical bills and medical certificates
    • Payslip/salary voucher for the 12 months prior to the date of accident
    • A copy of the medical report/inpatient discharge summary of the injured employee
    • Police report where relevant
    • A copy of the Death Certificate, if the accident resulted in the death of the employee

If the injured employee is an employee of a sub-contractor engaged in project work, please provide the following documents:

  • A copy of the contractual agreement between the insured, sub-contractor(s) and/or main contractor.
  • A copy of the sub-contractor’s and/or main contractor’s Work Injury Compensation Insurance Policy
  • Evidence of payment of medical leave wages paid to the injured worker while he/she was on medical leave as a result of the accident.